WRYC Racing

The founding members of the club had not only a competitive spirit, but a strong desire to see the sport of sailboat racing grow. We hold true to that model today: we love to race, but we also love seeing folks getting out there and learning. We structured our racing program around this. Weekly, we have the Sunday Series where members and friends gather to enjoy time on the water and some friendly competition. Second, WRYC is the host club for the annual VA Governor’s Cup regatta. Lastly, the club participates in many regattas around the Chesapeake. Our key focus is getting people out on the water to enjoy sailing.


Sunday Series

Weekly, we have the Sunday Series, designed to be a friendly place for the novice and experienced racer to come together, practice and have fun. We have nine race ready Albacores, owned by the club and members, available for folks without a boat. The racing is absolutely fun and relaxed. We could certainly use crew! Sailors of all (or no) experience are welcome.


VA Governor’s Cup

For over fifty years, WRYC has hosted a multi-class regatta, with boats from many one designs: Hampton One Design, Albacore, Lasers, Buccaneers, Optimists. The weekend regatta includes two days of racing, a big party on Saturday night, and lots of fun had by all.

2019 Notice of Race (Gov Cup)
2019 Notice of Race (Opti)
2019 Registration Form (Gov Cup)
2019 Registration Form (Opti)


Regional Regattas

Chesapeake Bay is home to several friends of WRYC. Whether it’s heading to downtown Hampton, home of Hampton Yacht Club or down to Delatville to sail with the folks from Fishing Bay Yacht Club, WRYC enjoys a friendly rivalry with the local clubs and competes regularly against them.