How can I get information about Renting the Ware River Yacht Club?

Information about renting the club is available by calling the club manager at the club (804-693-4175) or emailing her at

Is the Ware River Yacht Club available for rental?

Yes, the Ware River Yacht Club is available for rental. Common types of rental events include: weddings, wedding receptions, reunions, parties, picnics, fundraising events etc.

Can I visit the club to see how it looks?

Yes, we recommend that you visit the club to learn more about it. Contact the club manager (see information above) for an appointment.

Where is the Ware River Yacht Club located?

The Ware River Yacht Club is located in the Ware Neck area of Gloucester, Virginia. The 911 address (not mailing address) is 5992 Ware Point Rd. Ware Neck, VA. The mailing address is: PO Box 856 Gloucester, VA 23061.

Do you have to be a member to rent the club?

No, you do not need to be a member to rent the club.

Is a sponsor needed?

Renters who are not members of the club and all organizations need to have a club member sponsor their rental and sign their rental agreements. Please contact the club manager for more information about finding a sponsor.

How do I find out if the club is available for a certain date?

The calendar changes frequently. Please call or email the club manager (see contact information above) to get information about the availability of the date you would like to rent.

How much does it cost?

The cost of renting the club varies depending on who is renting it. Members may rent for a reduced rate. All renters must pay a security deposit which is refundable if the club is left in good condition. Contact the club manager for the correct fees for your event.

How long is the rental for?

All rentals are for the full day from as early as you want come in the morning to as late as you want to stay that night.

Can I rent the club for part of a day for a lower fee?


What is included in the rental?

The rental includes the use of the building, deck, screened porch, and grounds including parking area and waterfront. This includes use of the kitchen, appliances, tables, chairs, and restrooms. It does not include use of cookware, serving items, tablecloths, dishes, utensils etc.

How many people does the club hold?

The fire code for inside the building is 193 people. The use of tents (supplied by renter) and the grounds make it possible to accommodate much larger groups.

Can we use our own caterer?

The club does not provide any type of food service, so you may bring your own caterer or plan to prepare the food for your event yourself.

How early can we get into the club on the day of the rental?

The club manager will make an appointment with you to walk you through the club and give you a key as early as you like on the day of the rental.

Can we get into the club the day before our event to set up or bring supplies?

If the club is available, you may rent the day before (or after) your event for an additional fee. Otherwise, unless it is a member rental, you will not have access to the club prior to your rental date.

Can alcohol be served at our event?

Yes, but you must purchase a banquet license (available online) from the Virginia ABC board. Cost is usually $55.00.