Commodore's Comments

commodore flagAs we head into March, there is always the hint and hope of a new season of sailing at WRYC!

Thanks again for all who braved snow and ice to attend the January Annual Membership meeting. By now you should have received an email with the full annual report, part of which was left out by the printers in the January meeting. Feel free to contact any of our Board Members if you have questions, and we will work to quickly have your questions addressed.

At the Annual Membership meeting we held a vote and approved Shannon French's assignment to manage our accounts after her Board membership expired; however, after a gentle reminder to read our governance articles carefully, we have appointed new Board Member Bill Brown as Club Treasurer. He will supervise Shannon in her role as Club Bookkeeper. Please thank both Bill and Shannon for their willingness to help and transition with the Club's best interests in mind. Please also thank Jane Wilson, who, in the shortest-ever assignment as an “At Large” Board member, agreed to step up and take Bill’s original role as Club Secretary.

Now that we are all in full compliance with Club rules, on to the fun stuff! Joe, Jim, Clayton, et al. are busy planning summer sailing activities. The Summer Sailing Series will return with events every Sunday during the season. Experienced skippers with or without boats, novice sailors who want to learn to crew, and non-sailors who want to run a powerboat as Race Committee or come spectate are all welcome! We encourage you to get involved in whatever capacity you are comfortable, so let us know how we can facilitate that participation.

Adult Sailing classes will continue every Saturday from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Lessons are free to all members and their families. No previous experience is required to attend. I run this program, so let me know if you are interested.

For those of you with kids or grandkids, Ginger and Clayton will continue to manage the Summer Jr. Sailing Camp. Details have been posted to the Club website. There is no shortage of ways to get on the water at WRYC!

We do have some upcoming events, so make sure you mark your calendar! In March, we have the Saint Patrick’s Day party. We also have two scheduled maintenance days (March 30th and April 13th) to prepare the Club for the summer season. Please get your work clothes and tools ready so we can be prepared for summer fun!

Steve Hanson



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