Fleet Captain's Report


Update on the Fleet

The sailing season is well underway and, regardless of Mother Nature's recent attempts to foil plans, activity on the Ware River has been robust. By all accounts, the 54th Governor's Cup Regatta was a complete success. Light winds made for a challenging course. The 81 boats in the Albacore, Buccaneer, Hampton, Laser, Optimist, Portsmouth, Wayfarer, and 420 classes enjoyed a beautiful day on the water, thanks to all who helped with the entire regatta.

Several boats from the WRYC Albacore fleet have signed up for the 2018 Hampton Roads Sunfish and Dinghy Distance Regatta on September 15th. The fleet has been conducting "tune-up" races over the past few weeks. Thanks to the experienced sailors working with the novices, we are (literally) being brought up to speed. The Distance Regatta will be hosted by the Hampton Yacht Club this year and will cover the James River from downtown Hampton, around Middle Ground Light, and returning to HYC. If anyone is interested in this event, please contact Steve Hanson, Jim Garrett, or me. The HYC and Regatta staff have been very welcoming and are certainly excited to have the WRYC Albacore fleet
registered. They have even posted about their excitement on the Dinghy Distance Regatta webpage

Two stories this week gave me pause and prompted my desire to share a couple of safety thoughts with you. One was related to life jackets and the other to float plans. I will speak for myself and say that I am very aware of the importance of both wearing a life jacket and filing a float plan. I am likewise aware that I do not utilize either as often as I should.

The decision to wear a life jacket is a personal decision. There are no definitive conditions that regulate when you put one on and when you do not; however, no one who has gone overboard and has been lost planned to do so that day. Please consider wearing a personal floatation device when aboard any water vessel.

Likewise, float plans are a good idea that, I believe, are underutilized. A float plan can be as simple as letting a friend or loved one know where you plan to sail and when you plan to return. That is a great start, but, when rescue is initiated, the responders require much more information to affect a successful rescue. The depth of information required by the Coast Guard likely is not known by the friends and loved ones with whom we have only shared our basic plans. The USCG Auxiliary has an excellent float plan tool online, which can be found at Further valuable information can be found at Please take some time to visit the USCG Auxiliary website and learn more valuable tips and access their resources.

As always, please feel free to contact me via email ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or phone (804-854-3582) if you would like to take out one of the keel boats.

There is a rising interest in sailing the boats this season, which is exactly where we want to be; however, it is important that we coordinate the schedule so that no one is left travelling to the Club only to find the boats gone. See you on the water

Scott Titus
Fleet Captain


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