Sunday Series

Written by Cleve Corlett.

windSunday Series Update

This summer we will be reinstituting the Sunday sailing series that was instrumental in the club's founding. This is not something just for sailors! Our main objective is to get as many members and non-members on the water each Sunday to enjoy fellowship both on the water and on shore. Although the backbone will be racing, everyone is welcome to participate either competitively or just to have fun. Motorboat enthusiasts are welcome to assist with racing support or to just hang out and watch.

We are planning to have starts for "non-class" boats (any boat that has fewer than 3 of the same class) as well as a course for any keel boats. The details on the racing events are still being developed, but everyone should know that each Sunday there will be some fun to be had on the water. The series will begin in May and run into August.

There are now 25 members who have confirmed interest in developing this program. We believe that it could also become an outreach to the community and a vehicle for new membership. Most everyone now knows that the original Albacore fleet that was generously offered to the club has become complicated. Those in attendance of the organizational meeting have all agreed to press on and to look for Albacores that we can purchase. We believe that an investment of $10,000 would secure the initial fleet to get the series off the ground. The current fleet of 420's was considered for use but it was concluded that these would not be large enough for two adult sailors to comfortably sail. At the meeting, it was agreed that the Albacore should become the class boat for the club and several members have already located boats to be purchased.

We would like the membership to consider making a donation to this effort in order to raise the $10,000 to purchase the Albacore fleet. Any amount would be appreciated. Checks can be made out to WRYC and mark it "Sunday Series donation".

If you are interested in participating and want to be included in future e-mails, but haven't let me know, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Again, I hope you will consider making a donation to the Sunday Series program.

Joe Morgan


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